Lottery Vocabulary

Lottery Vocabulary

Added Number:

A number that is needed to be picked individually. From some other team of selected numbers on a single ticket. As an example, you might pick 5 numbers as a group as well as 1 mega number on a lottery ticket.

Adjacent Numbers:

Numbers that show up in consecutive order, such as 3, 4, 5.


A company owner that sells lottery game tickets on behalf of the company in charge of operating the lotto game. Representatives additionally confirm winning tickets as well as repay wins up to a particular amount. Representatives typically obtain perks for winning tickets purchased at their establishment.


Notifications sent to you on a cell phone or email pertaining to outcomes of winning numbers or jackpot dimensions.


Thought about by some gamers to be numbers that after that may forecast which numbers will certainly be selected at some future day.


Settlements to a lottery game champion over a long term, generally two decades.

Antipode Attract:

Numbers are attracted that go to mathematical extremes, such as 3, 4, 5, 44, 45, 46.

Any kind of Order:

Winning a lotto game reward with numbers that match the winning numbers, but are not in the same order on the ticket. The order on the ticket is pointless. Also called “boxed water”.


Acquisition of a lottery game ticket 파워볼사이트총판.

Betting Slip:

A kind utilized by lotto game gamers to choose their numbers for a lottery game.


Certain great deals on a betting slip that shows what numbers are readily available for a gamer to choose.

Bonus offer Round:

A ball that is pulled in enhancement to the regular variety of spheres drawn. And also qualifies the player to win other kinds of prizes. May also be known as a “reward number”.


A certain kind of ticket can be opened to disclose winning numbers. Likewise known as a “break open ticket”.

California Super Lotto:

The state lottery game of The golden state. Numerous sorts of video games are provided.

Cash Cow:

The winning prize in a lottery game won by gamers that have matched all winning numbers.

Money Option:

A one-time lump-sum repayment of a lottery game prize.

Group Registration:

Use of pre-selected lottery game numbers for future video games.

Cold Figures:

Numbers that are not picked throughout a certain amount of time.


A system of betting used to enhance a gamer’s chances of winning. It entails betting on a 3 figure number that covers all series mixes.


Settlements to retailers when a winning ticket has been offered by that shop.

Verification Number:

Each ticket has a verification number designated that validates wagering data such as the date and time as well as ticket amount.


The standing of a ticket once it has actually been purchased and paid.